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A new composition, made in with Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.


Arturia V collection 5

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I’m busy composing and recording a series of albums titled Fantasynthesized Spheres. This will be my first Album in the series, entitled Fantasynthesized Spheres 1 – Doorways.

I record in Logic Pro X and use the Logic sounds and Arturia V with the Analog Synths of:


  • The ARP 2600 V,
  • Yamaha CS-80,
  • Jupiter 8,
  • Mini Moog,
  • Moog Modular,
  •  Oberheim Prophet,
  • SEM,
  • Wurlizer,
  • VOX Continental,
  • Oberheim Matrix-12,
  • Solina ,
  • Synclavier,
  • Farfisa,
  • Rhodes Stage-73 ,
  • Hammond B-3,
  • Classical Piano’s.

These keyboards are awesome and very inspiring. The people of Arturia did a tremendous job in equipping us with these beautiful analog synths with almost all of the possibilities of the old synth, exept the annoing noise of the old tubes. This in combination with digital synths I’m able to create more then beautiful music. But I’m experimenting beacause I get millions of possibilities. So with almost an endless pile of sounds and textures, the choises also are to much to mention. For about $500 you get the sounds of synths worth a lot of money, because, for example, the Synclavier was worth more then $150.000 at the time, and you needed a big room (or house) to store all the orriginals, and your energy bills would pile up to, because the were not really enviromental friendly. Some monsters, like the Moog Modular could fill up half a room.

The pices of the Synths, organs and piano’s:

Arp 2600 $5500
Moog Moludar $150.000
Mini Moog + Filter $3500
Synclavier $200.000
Oberheim Matrix $1200
Hammond B3 $5500
Vox Continental $3200
Farfisa $300
Rhodes Stage 73 $1750
Yamaha CS 80  $ 19.000
Roland Jupiter 8  $350
A lot of piano’s $200.000
TOTAL  $600,000

A lot of money. You save more then $589,800

You could build a beautiful house or buy a castle, and you would need it too, to store these monsters!

So enough inspiration for a long time to go!

More news shortly.